Pig and Poultry

Riverside Feeds produce a wide range of high quality pig and poultry feeds. They are traditional diets using cereals and soya to create optimal products for feeding to all classes of pig and poultry.

Pig Feed
Pig Grower & Finisher Pellets This feed should be fed ad-lib and is based on cereals and soya. This single stage diet will successfully take your pigs through to whatever live weight is required.
Sow & Weaner Pellets  Use between 2-2.5kg per head during gestation and up to 11kg during lactation. This will ensure good foetal development during pregnancy as well as the energy and protein required during lactation to keep sow condition essential for subsequent pregnancies.
Poultry Feed
Chick Crumbs This is a typical cereal and soya diet and should be used between 0-16/18 days. During this period it should be fed ad-lib with a total feed usage expected between 400-450g/bird to reach a live weight of around 400g.
Layers Pellets / Mash This is a typical layers diet and is made from cereals and soya. This feed should be fed ad-lib and the typical feed intakes of between 115-125g/day are expected during the laying period.

Other poultry feeds available at RSF:

  • RSF Poultry Grower
  • RSF Poultry Finisher
  • RSF Mixed Corn
  • RSF Turkey Grower / Finisher

Choose Riverside Feeds for quality assured animal feeds, where you’ll get professional service with personal attention.

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