At Riverside Feeds, we produce a range of different dairy cakes to suit all protein levels and feeding systems. Our dairy cakes are formulated using high quality raw materials and have been specifically  designed to assist dairy herds in achieving optimal performance in quality and milk yield.

Riverside Feeds Dairy Cake Range:

Dairy feed  
New Gold This dairy cake is made up of high quality ingredients, which offers energy density with a good range of proteins. This aims to move the average herd forward in production.
New Meadowsweet This has a high digestible fibre content aimed to buffer and stabilise the rumen on early cut grass silage – it has a high D value – for the fresh grazing situation.
Meadowmilk This is a cost effective dairy feed, which is high in fibre, low in starch and has a medium energy level. It is made up of high quality raw materials and is extremely rumen friendly.
Optimiser This dairy cake is cost effective and contains quality ingredients to offer high starch and quality protein, which will promote yield and milk protein content.

Other dairy cakes available at RSF:

  • RSF Super Starch
  • RSF Maizesweet
  • RSF Optimilk
  • RSF Silver

Choose Riverside Feeds for quality assured animal feeds, where you’ll get professional service with personal attention.

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