Beef and Sheep

Riverside Feeds produce an extremely popular range of beef and sheep feeds. They have been designed to ensure that the animals achieve their maximum potential.

Beef and Sheep feed
Multi Purpose Starter Pellets This pellet is aimed at enhancing rumen development prior to and during weaning to compliment all milk feeding regimes. It helps to promote good intakes and for best results feed alongside ad-lib good quality straw and fresh water. These pellets can be fed to around 10 weeks of age, wean at 6/8 weeks of age when eating in excess of 1kg per day of dry feed. This pellet can be fed to both calves and lambs.
16% Rearer This is a general purpose rearing cake designed to follow the multi purpose starter pellet, post weaning and suits all general rearing requirements. For best results feed alongside good quality forages but not introducing silage until at least 16 weeks of age. You should feed up to 3-4kg according to available forage and growth rate required. This cake can be fed to sheep, beef and dairy cattle and is available in cake and blend form.




Other beef and sheep feeds available at RSF:

  • RSF Beef Grow 16% – A good general purpose grower product designed to provide good levels of digestible fibre and starch. This ration will complement a wide range of forages, resulting in quality growth up until finishing period.
  • RSF Breeding Ewe 18% (also available in rolls)  –
  • RSF High Barley 16% – A barley finishing ration targeting the final three months of growth to promote body condition and carcase quality to slaughter.
  • RSF Lamb Finisher
  • RSF Heifer Rearer

Choose Riverside Feeds for quality assured animal feeds, where you’ll get professional service with personal attention.

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